Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Milani 3D Holographics

Hi loves,

  Today I decided to revisit my Milani 3D holos. I only have Three of the colors from this collection because as many of you know I'm SUUUUUPER picky with the stuff I buy. It has to be special and/or really pretty. Well these are uber pretty so I had to have them. I've had these for a while and have shown them before but since then my pics have changed and so have my nails. Here is take two of my Milani 3D Holographics.

This is Cyberspace. A lovely sky Blue scattered holo. Three coats.

 This is Digital. A pretty Mauve-y Pink scattered holo. Three coats.

 And this is Hi-Res. A pretty Blue toned Purple scattered holo. Three coats.
 Now, to me the word "holo" is a big word... Like "love" or "hate" lol. IMHO the word "holo" is used very loosely here haha. Are they slightly holographic? Yes. But I would call these more of a holographic sparkle rather than full on holographic. But, that being said... I still love them. They are blingy and pretty and the shades themselves are so easy on the eyes. My favorite has to be between Cyberspace and Digital. They glide on effortlessly and you can't beat a "holo" with a good formula!

Do you own any Milani Holos? Thoughts?
<3 Cristina

Monday, June 13, 2011

Muffin Monday!! Zoya Jo

Happy Muffin Monday!

  This week the selection process went a bit more like this...
... and then some of this happened.... So since Jo was the color they knocked down (and Mr. LTHP liked it too) I decided to go with her.

Zoya's Jo had been a lemming of mine since I started blogging. For some reason I never got around to buying it and thought I would never get it. Well a Fairy smiled upon me and this made it to my collection.
For the Sapphire necklace and feathers design I used Konad plate M77 and Zoya's Ibiza. It's a simple look but it seems that I'm into this simple- clean thing lately. Plus, I didn't want to overdo it when the color itself is so delicate.

Jo is an amazing Periwinkle Blue shimmer. I don't know if it was just mine, but the formula was just a bit thick on this one. Not problematic as it evens out nicely and is opaque at Two coats. The color itself is very "soothing" almost. This is an older Zoya color but this shade is back in for the Summer. I love that it shimmers like crazy and doesn't even need to be in Sunlight for the pretty sparkle to come out. This is a great classic color that is easy to wear and if you love Blues then you will love Jo.

Thoughts on Jo?
<3 Cristina

(** Zoya Jo sent for Review**)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ulta 3 Pacific Fever


  Today I have another pretty from my swap with Gilded Nails. This one is the AMAZING Ulta 3's Pacific Fever. I've never seen anything like this. I'm pretty much in awe of this color.
Plate: A01, Konad SP White
Sooo... Where do I start? This is one of the prettiest colors I have in my entire collection. It's a creamy shimmer that looks like I layered polishes to achieve the look, except I did not. The sparkle in this just seems to float on the beautiful Turquoise base. Pacific Fever, how I wish you had an American dupe lol. I honestly have never seen a color quite like this one. The formula on this is flawless. This is two effortless coats and for the first time ever Qtica's Extending Top Coat (I'll let you know how that goes in a few weeks lol).
And there you have one of the most amazing polishes in my collection. It's just flawless... That is all there is to it! A big thank you to Carina for sending me this beauty.

<3 Cristina

(**Qtica Extending Top Coat sent for review**)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding Series: Part 2

Hi hello!

  Today I have another mani to add to my series of manis for the bestie's wedding. This one is pretty edgy. These I did with the Bridesmaids in mind. I think it would be cool for all the girls to have nails in the same color scheme but different designs for each girl.  These I am going to call "Tux Nails". I love the contrast between the Silver and Black sponging. 

For the sponging I used Zoya Raven and  Trixie. As my base I have Zoya Snow White and Dana. I really loved this alone. Zoya's Snow White is an amazing smooth White creme. This is Three coats of SW and Two coats of Dana. I will be focusing on Dana for my nails probably because my shoes for the wedding are pretty darn close to Dana. This is pre- top coat.
And there you have my Second idea for nail looks. I'm already working on ideas for the next one. I have so many variations of her colors and so many ideas for patterns and such I have to get the simpler ones out of the way first ;). But I will say, while simple, this does make a statement.

Thanks for stopping by :)
<3 Cristina

(**Products sent for my consideration**)