Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nail Polish Jewelry by Cara from Workshop 760

Hi loves!!

  Today I have something a little different. Some Nail Polish jewelry!! I love seeing all the talented ladies in the community take this trend and really make it their own. Some are amazing, some not so much... Since I have a strict "no crap" policy on my blog (As Kellie Gonzo says lol) you can guess where this is going... I am in LOOVE with my new pieces!!!! Not long ago I heard from a lovely woman named Cara who runs Workshop 760 on Etsy. She makes lovely nail polish jewelry. Take a peek and then I'll blab some more :).
Full Sun.

  I didn't want to pick a specific style so Cara asked a few questions and I left the piece up to her. I say piece because I was expecting one necklace. To my (very happy) surprise, Two lovely pieces came in the mail. I love surprises and these really made my day. They are very beautifully made.
 Ok, so below is this amazing piece made up of Jesse's Girl Fireflies. I love the hand beaded necklace part on these. So right up my alley. These are so Boho Chic and that's my thing. Laid back but flashy at the same time. I love the duochrome in this baby! I spent a good while staring at it after I took pictures and wore it the same day :).

   The piece Below is a swirl of LA Girl Rockstar-Groupie, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum + HD Laser. This is a SPECTACULAR piece. I couldn't get this on my neck fast enough. It changed colors with every shift and the sparkle is just stunning. The size of this piece is amazing on me. I really love to draw attention to my collarbone area and this is the perfect piece for that.
I love how they look like polished stones. I told Cara I really liked big statement pieces and she really delivered. These are stand- out beautiful. 

 Check out this piece by Cara featuring Zoya's Charla. OMG WANNNT!
Anyways, I am so happy with my Pieces. I love seeing all the different styles of nail polish jewelry and I am so thankful to Cara for sharing her lovely work with me. I know I will be rocking my Nail polish jewelry a lot :).

 ANNDDD look what came in the mai from Bundle Monster... This will be fun...
Thanks for stopping by and happy Sunday!
♥ Cristina

(**Jewelry sent for my consideration**)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

OMFG look at me!! I'm on Also Know As...!!!

Hi loves!!

  Just q quick post to let you guys know that instead of having a post on here today I will be guest posting for the awesome Kellie over at Also Known As... I freaking love her blog and have been stalking her beautiful pictures since before I got into blogging. Well when your favorite blogger asks you if you want to do a guest post for her... You say YES!!! Today I am so happy and flattered to be a part of Kellie's amazing blog. Please take 5 mins to check out my mani I did for this special occasion. I know you guys will love it!! Just click on the image below :)!!!


Happy Starurday!
♥ Cristina

Friday, August 12, 2011

O.P.I Wing It! + Grape, Set Match Spongy Gradient

Hii and happy Friday to all!!!

  Today I have another one of those polishes that I should have blogged about a long time ago but just had not gotten around to it. Of course I couldn't leave Wing it! alone so I went for something a little sassy and a lot girlie!!
So I started with a base of Three coats of Wing It! and then I sponged (with a makeup wedge style sponge) Grape...Set... Match on the tips. Lalalalallove this! They looks like Barbies nails if she was going out clubbing!

And here is Wing It! All on it's own. No it is not a dupe of anything lol. While it is a similar concept to Be a Dahlia Won't You? it is much Pinkier. But it's not just Pink. It is an Orange-y Pink glassflecks with the same Purple shimmer as Be a Dahlia. It is really a spectacular color. Three coater.
Must wear this on toes again soon!! I loove this on my toes. I love this on my fingers! I just love this and I am so glad I found this hiding in a dusty bin at a salon! It's just beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by loves!
♥ Cristina

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zoya Harley

Good afternoon my lovelies!!

  Today I have a color that was long over due to have it's own post. Everyone that really reads my ramblings knows I have a long outstanding love affair with Grey nail polish and this beauty is one of my favorites.

  I had to nubbinize :( I noticed a really bad crack on my ring nail and I'd rather cut them down than have a very painful break so... behold!!! My Nubbins!! yet again lol.
  This simple design was done using Two coats of Zoya's Harley as my base. I then stamped over it using plate BM222 and Zoya's Kelly. I wanted to go for like a "carved stone" type of look. I then added a little rhinestone just for some bling. I love how this looks.

 Zoya's Harley is the prettiest shade of light Silvery Grey and the shimmer in this is so interesting. I also like to think that there is a touch of Pink in this. I don't know what it is but there is something in this color that takes it out of that "corpsey Grey" territory. This color has a flawless Two coat formula. ♥!!!

Why I had not posted about Harley on her own, I could not tell you. This color is soo beautiful!!

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by!!
♥ Cristina

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