Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bettina Jeans Over Dyed - Acid Wash Denim Nail Art Tutorial

Hi loves!!

  Today I have a neat little look featuring some Bettina Blues and a stamp I've never used before. This look also features some sponging but for this look I did something a little more random and different, sponging all over the nail instead of just the tip to create a distressed denim look of sorts.
So, for this look I started with a base of Bettina's Over Dyed. I then sponged with a mix of Bettina's Vintage Jean and  Sand Blast, all colors from their Jeans Collection. For the stamp I used Konad Plate M9 and Konad Special White Polish.

Here is a swatch of Over Dyed. This is much darker in person and really pretty. This is what I like to call Cadet Blue, I guess. It's a hard shade to describe because it's Blue but not just Blue. Two coats.

Sooo flippin' shiny!

And of course [HERE] is a tutorial to go along with this look. It's is fairly simple but I thought I'd share :).

See you guys tomorrow!
♥ Cristina

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! China Glaze Strawberry Fields Golden Gradient and a Sponging Tutorial

Hi loves and happy Pink Wednesday!

  For today I decided to revisit one of my very favorite Pinks. For some reason I've only worn it once before and that's a shame because Strawberry Fields is just soo pretty and classic! I think just about everyone is familiar with this color because it's just so special and China Glaze at it's shimmery best!
  So for this simple look I started with Two coats of Strawberry Fields and then I sponged the tips with China Glaze's Midnight Kiss. I really love how the Golden sparkle in Midnight Kiss blends into the sparkle in Strawberry Fields. I love how simple this look is but it really makes a statement.

And here is Strawberry Fields on her own. Do I need to say much or should I just let the pics do the talking?


And [HERE] is a tutorial on how I did this look. Also!! I got a new camera to be able to do proper tutorials soon!! 

Happy Pink Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Julep Amy - I want to love you Julep....

Hi loves!!!

  Today I have a simple swatch. Ok... so get this... I was feeling blah last week and having all kinds of issues with my stomach and such... This week I started to feel better and back into the swing of things... Well last nite I started feeling kinda crappy again.. I caught my hubby's cold!! So I am back now to square one and having to resort to my emergency swatches!! I am so on the fence with the Julep brand. I've been reading nothing but negative things about them lately but... You know what? I bothered to do the swatches so I'll show them anyways.... Needless to say I'm no thrilled with the way they have been handling themselves. They have been gracious to me but it almost seems unfair... There is nothing wrong with the product (well except for the prices $$$$) but I'm not to happy about the CS horror stories I've been reading. I have a few more colors and I will be showing them randomly because they are still pretty.
So, Amy is a pretty Turquoise creme. It's a lovely unique shade and the formula on this baby is a dream. I only needed two effortless coats for full opacity. This is such a saturated color and so very vibrant. This particular shade dried to a somewhat Satin-like finish. In the pics here I have no top coat on because I was kinda digging the slightly muted shine on my nails.

And for some reason I'm really enjoying this angle of pic and how it shows the color so it may become a regular thing for me :).
And there you have Julep's Amy. I hope to get over this cold quickly so I can get back on top of my game. Seems like I can't catch a break with my health lately :(. 

Thanks for stopping by today!! 
♥ Cristina

Monday, September 12, 2011

LTHP One year Blog-a-versary Giveaway Winners!!!!

Hi lovesss!!!!

  As promised here are the giveaway winnersss!!! Thank you sooo much to everyone who entered. There were sooo many lovelies who participated!

Winner of Prize pack one: Alison L!!

Winner of Prize pack two: Cindy!!

Winner of Prize pack three: Carlyngrace!!

  The winners have already been contacted and will have 48 hours to respond. Again, thank you soo much to everyone who entered!!! <3<3
♥ Cristina