Monday, December 19, 2011

Muffin Monday!! China Glaze Midnight Kiss Holiday Nail Art

Happy Muffin Monday!!

  I cannot believe that Christmas is just right around the corner!! Where has this year gone? I don't know about you guys but it has gone by waaay too fast for me. Not that I am complaining or anything... But it has been a fast year for me. Today I have for you guys some simple and cute Holiday nail art using Muffin's pick. The color she chose for me today was and still is one of my favorite China Glaze colors. For this design I used all China Glaze colors from last years Holiday collection, which I absolutely loved. I think last years collection was much stronger than this years. But enough about the past lool.... Onto some nails!
 For this look I started with Two coats of my favorite Gold foil and Muffin's pick of the day: Midnight Kiss. Then , because it is hardly a Holiday mani without MORE sparkle, I sponged the tips of my nails using the EPIC Party Hearty. For some extra cuteness I added a cute stamp using Bundle Monster plate BM14 and Jolly Holly. I had to go back with a fine brush and paint over the leaves because the stamp was much to light. To accent the stamp I added Red gems for the berries. I love this simple but totally Holiday look :D.

Miss Muffin <3!

 This is Midnight Kiss. The most perfect Gold foil ever! It has an effortless Two coat formula and dries super quick. 
  I hope ya'll have all your Holiday shopping done :D! I still have some wrapping to do and some presents to mail out but it will get done lool! I wish Christmas lasted longer...

 Happy Muffin Monday!!
♥ Cristina

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oldie Spam Sunday- Holiday Edition

Hi guys!

  So once in a while I like to go back and look at my old posts and pics and all that stuff. I think it is fun to see how my pictures have changed and how my nail art has evolved. I decided to make this a little spam post because I don't have anything ready to post yet *shame*. So I went waaay back into the archives and looked up all of my Holiday manicures from last year. I had just started blogging and and I had also just discovered Chloe's Nails and taping as nail art. My lighting was all weird and my cuticles looked like a**. Thank goodness I started using cuticle remover and taking better care of my hands since ;D. Anywho.. Here are some of my manicures from last year's Holidays. I won't go into full detail about each mani but you can see all of these under the "Holiday Themed" Tab.
  Second Ruffian attempt. Not too shabby, right?

Love this glitter by Sephora by O.P.I. Only Gold for Me.

The day I found out about glitter jelly sandwiches. No, I am no claiming to have started the trend. Just saying this was the day that I found out about it before I read about them somewhere else.

 Scotch taping and glitter layering with the best X-mas polish ever! Party Hearty by China Glaze.

Flakie layering with Barielle Elle's Spell

 Some basic taping over China Glaze Frosty.

My first mani where I mixed " a lot" of techniques.

Frosty glitter sammich.

Glitter stripes all in O.P.I.

Basic Funky French.

I still love this manicure.

My first Glitter gradient before I tried sponging.

  I plan on doing some more Holiday manis closer to X-mas. I've just kinda had a lot happen in a short period of time that has really put me behind. But I am feeling much better and I hope to catch up this week. There will even be a Muffin Monday tomorrow! 

Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Cristina

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Julep Brooklyn

Happy Caturday!

  Today I have a super pretty Red from Julep. I also did some very simple Holiday themed striping with some glitter because this color was just screaming Holidays to me. It's very much a festive type of shade.
  So Brooklyn is a deep Red creamy base packed full of Red micro glitter. The formula on this color is insane. I could have almost done with one coat. It actually has a cool effect at one coat. Almost looks like lip gloss but for your nails. At two coats, it looks a bit more like a matte lipstick. It is an awesome shade of deep Ruby Red and the sparkle gives this a lot of dimension. It dries a bit gritty and dull and it is a little hungry. I used Two coats of SV to give it full shine and smooth it out. When fully glossy this color is just lovely! For the glitter stripes I used Stipe Rite in Green Glitter and Milani in Art of Gold. Julep needs to make more colors like Brooklyn....  
I'm off to wrap presents :D! Have a great Saturday lovelies!

Thoughts on Brooklyn?
♥ Cristina

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Jolly and Joy Collection Swatches

Happy Friday loves!!!

  I'm bringing the weekend in with some swacthes of the Dr's Remedy Jolly and Joy Collection. This collection is made up of Three pearly shimmers and Two micro fine glitters. I've had these in my hands for a while and I just kept getting sidetracked by my not- so- awesome health... But.. Better late than never right?
This is Passion Purple. This is a light Plummy shimmer with quite a bit of Red in it. It's a rather safe but pretty color. The formula on this color is really smooth and easy to work with. This color is opaque in Two easy coats.

This is Revive Ruby Red. Another safe but pretty color. It is a lovely jewel toned Red shimmer with a nice glow-y quality. This color also has a great Two coat formula.

Essential Emerald Green. This one is an awesome Emerald Green shimmer. The shimmer in this one is kinda Silvery so it gives the color a pearly finish. I really like this one. Two easy coats.

Serene Silver Glitter. This one is a mix of micro fine glitter in Silver, Light Blue and Magenta all mixed together. The glitter is so fine that at Two coats it is totally opaque and it has an almost foil- like finish. This dries a bit gritty and dull. A good top coat is a must with these glitters.

Resolution Red Glitter is actually more Pinky than Red. This color is the same concept at Serene but the mix of colors in this one is what appears to be Red, Silver and Pink maybe? It is an interesting glitter.

  Overall, it is a rather safe collection made up of pretty colors with good, consistent formulas. They are all two coaters. I don't hate any of these colors but they don't really get me super excited. They are all flattering shades and really do have an "air of Holiday" about them. So yeah, pretty collection with great formulas but the colors are a bit safe for my liking. 

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♥ Cristina

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