Wednesday, February 1, 2012

O.P.I Holland Collection- The Shimmers

Good Morning lovelies!!

  Today I have the Second Half of O.P.I's Holland themed Spring Collection. This half is made up of Six absolutely stunning shimmers. There is not one color in this shimmery portion of the collection that I do not love. Honestly, they could have just released these Six colors and this collection would still have been my favorite Spring Collection Released so far. I really love these because they are nice creamy shimmers.

  While I love the flash, glitter and brightness of Holiday Collections I always look forward to the soothing Spring shades. O.P.I really hit it out of the park with shimmers that make a statement without losing that airy quality that a good Spring color should have. Bravo O.P.I!
To see close up swatches of these beauties just keep on reading.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

O.P.I and Bettina Comparisons

Hi loves!

  This post will be another quick comparison between some Bettina colors and some O.P.I Colors. I will keep things short and sweet as usual with these posts.
To see close ups just keep reading.

O.P.I Holland Collection- The Cremes

Good morning!

  Today I finally get to start showing you guys O.P.I's Holland inspired Spring Collection. I have to say that this year O.P.I really redeemed themselves. Last year I was really let down by the Texas collection. It just did not seem very coherent to me. This year they did Six beatiful shimmers that left me a little speechless and Six lovely cremes that could brighten anyone's day. I was really excited about this collection from the moment that I saw the very innacurate promo shots. 

  I've decided to split the collection into Two posts because I am running myself thin trying to keep up with my daily posting and working until very late in the day. Like I've been saying this week, I am still adjusting... So here is the creme portion of The Holland Collection.
 To see swatches just keep reading.

Monday, January 30, 2012

This is your brain on drugs POLISH!


   Mr. LTHP thought it would be funny to snap a pic of Truffle and I after my Eight hour polish ordeal.
Never mind you my outfit.... It was my "day off".... Sort of loool! I'm on polish overload hahahaha!