Sunday, March 4, 2012


Happy Sunday darlings!

  Sorry for the late post but.. I am here and I have some awesome sparkly stuff to show you today. I've been rocking the crap out of some Jordana glitters lately and loving every single second of it. This edition of Sunday Spam is not very long but it is very glittery!
 To see swatches of these pretties just keep reading after the jump.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gimmie the Blues

Happy Saturday my loves!

  It is no secret that I love Blue polish. I just love Blue as a color in general. I find it soothing, refreshing and clean. I love all shades of Blue as well. I love vibrant Blues, soft Blues, shimmery Blues... I could go on for days about how much I love Blue... But for your sake I won't :D. I'll just show you Two awesome Blue shades of polish instead.
Sinful Colors Cinderella
 There is nothing sinful about this color *badum tsssss* trollooololol! Cinderella is a soft Blue base with Pink/ Golden shimmer. The formula on this color is pretty sheer and a bit streaky. For these pics I did Three coats of Cinderella but I think next time I wil layer it over a similar shade of Blue. I still absolutely love this color and how dreamy and princessy it is. Cinderella is the perfect name for this shade of shimmery Blue.

China Glaze Frostbite
 Frostbite is a pretty popular China Glaze shade. It is an electric shade of shimmery Pepsi Blue. The formula on this color is very pigmented and so easy to work with. This was one of my first China Glaze colors I ever bought and I still love it to pieces! This is Two coats of Frostbite.
Moar blue!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Milani Silver Stiletto and Jordana LA City Nights

Good Morning ladies and.... Gents?

  Today I have a combo that really blew my mind and I was totally not expecting it to... This glitter really popped over Silver and I never knew a plain Silver foil could be such an amazing base for glitter. I am all about the awesome an unexpected glitter combinations at the moment. I got tired of always thinking of the same expected combinations and started playing around with edgy and crazy combos that I've been putting together as a little series. At the end I might do one final BIG spam post.
  So, this is a base of Milani Silver Stilettos the glitter is one decent coat of Jordana LA City Nights. This glitter is a dense mix of small Purple glitter and larger round Blue glitter in a clear base. LOVE this combination. It is flashy and like a rave on my nails. My only gripe with this glitter? It has an exact dupe in its sister brand Milani (Twinkle) from their One Coat Glitter collection. Both of these collections were released pretty much simultaneously and there is quite a bit of dupage. I hope they don't continue to release the same colors in different bottles. If it helps... Jordana has a bigger bottle and a smaller price :D.
Isn't this just awesome though? LOVEEEE!! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Fix a Fail: Just Add Glitter- Jordana Gemstones over Barielle Snap Dragon

Hi loves!

  Sorry for this super late post. Remember yesterday's bummer, Snap Dragon by Barielle? This is how I fixed that problem...
 So Gemstonesis a mix of Small and Larger Hexes in Blue, Purple, Red, Gold, Silver and Green. Basically a crazy mix, birthday glitter. It fixed that Barielle right up!
Yay for glitter!

Have a good night!
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