Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy "Indie-pendence" Day!! Patriotic Mani Spam

Happy Fourth oh July!!! 

  To all my American lovelies anyway :D! I actually ended up doing a few different Patriotic themed manis for this holiday. That usually never happens! It only seemed fitting that I celebrate independence day in some awesome indie polishes right?! Today I will be featuring some beauties by Couronne d'Or Vernis as well as Vivid Lacquer. I must say I am completely blown away by these Two ladies creations and will have separate posts on their beauties later on but some of the pretties they sent my way inspired some awesome July 4th manis. 
 To see these manis just continue reading :D!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shimmery Skittles with Essence Polishes

Good Morning! 

  Sometimes I forget that I can wear more than one polish at once lol... See.. I was having this dilemma because my Dutch swap buddy Sharon sent me Five duo pens from Essence and I couldn't decide which one to wear first. There was also the part where I lined them all up and loved how all Ten colors looked together so I decided to go for shimmery skittles. 
 Skittle nails are such an easy way to brighten your day a little. For this I used all of the colors in my Essence Duo pens. Sharon sent some pens from the Season of Extremes Collection and the Colour3 Collection. I posted a picture of the duos below. I sponged the tips of my skittles with the corresponding shimmer to the base color.

Here are all the duo pens. The Colour3 Pen in Blue has a dupe for Nfu. OH 52 on one of the ends.

Here are al mu bases.
These were all Two easy coats of color.
That's it for today. Keeping short and sweet like my nubs :D which I will be growing out... Maybe... I can't decide.... 

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoya Mod Mattes Pattern Nail Art

Freakin Mondays... 

  But hey!! Here is some stamping on colorful nails to brighten our day. As many of you know Bundle Monster just released their Third set of stamping plates. They held a contest on their Facebook where 25 lucky bishes would be receiving a set as a prize. I was one of the lucky bishes thank to all my awesometastic readers who voted. I have both of their previous sets and I have to say that this is BY FAR my favorite stamping plate set. I have the Cheeky Plate Set, the Red Angel plate set a ton of Konad and One of's and these kind of take the stampig cake (Hey that rhymes!). 
  I've been rambling on Twitter and Facebook about how much I miss nail arting it up in here. Remember back in the day when most of my posts were some form of nail art? I miss those days. I don't know how exactly my blog shifted to featuring mainly swatches but I'm not too trhilled about that. I'm not saying I don't enjoy sharing swatches because I do.. BUT.. Nail art is what really got me into blogging in the first place. I need to get back to my creative blogging roots. I think part of my downward spiral was me being bored with blogging. That was heartbreaking to admit because nail blogging is my passion and to be "bored" with your passion is not a good feeling. SO! These new plates could not have come at a better time. As I was taking off the protective sheet off of each plate I kept getting so many ideas and for the first time in a while I was excited about blogging again. I also have some of Cult Nails' new nail art gems, studs and flakes coming my way so I'm SUPER stoked about that. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!! It's about freakin' time for inspiration to hit me and hopefully like a bag of bricks!!! 
  I'm still pretty much obsessed with last year's Mod Mattes Collection by Zoya. These were limited edition and I *think* they are no longer available through Zoya. The colors are so fun together than when ever I do a manicure with one of them I usually end up doing accents in the other Two colors. For this manicure I started with a base of all Three colors, Lolly, Phoebe and Mitzi. Once my bases were dry I top coated them to be able to stamp. I love the Mod Mattes in both their original Matte state and glossy. These colors are just awesome!
  For the stamping I busted out Two of my brand new Bundle Monster plates for a funky geometric patterned nail art. These were plates BM319 and BM322. I used Konad Black and White special polishes. I went for a middle accent nail making it a total oddball but keeping the same color scheme. I am a huge fan of geometric design they add to the "modness" of this manicure.
 I'm really happy with how these turned out. It had been A LONG time since I last stamped. I actually felt a little sloppy and out of whack as I was working on these because I had not stamped in so long. I'm glad they turned out so much better than I hoped.

 Here are some quick swatches of my Mod Mattes base. The picture on the right is them after top coat and the picture on the Left is them in their original matte state. Lolly is the vivid Pink. Phoebe is the beautiful shade of Blue and Mitzi is the Chartreuse-y shade.
  As silly as it may sound, this simple stamped manicure has restored my confidence and willingness to experiment. I am itching to try new things and have even more fun with my ever- growing stash. I am also going to start venturing into the world of freehand nail art since I recently got a really nice brush set. It's time to get back to what makes me happiest and that is NAIL ART!


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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Spam! Indie Mania Edition

  Been a while, no? Today I have some utterly random indie spam. I had these swatches sittin in a folder I thought had already been posted..... UMM NOOOO lol! So I figured since it had been a while since my last swatch spam post today was just as good a day as any to bust these out. 
To see swatches of these indie beauties just continue reading.