Monday, September 10, 2012

Etsy Mania! Rockstar Nails Punk Rock Barbie and an Update

Good Afternoon and happy Monday,

  I wanted to take a second to apologize for my unexplained leave of absence, to those of you who may have noticed, I've not posted since Wednesday of last week. This is unusual for me as I like to/pride myself in having a post up everyday.
 Ok, so I think I mentioned this but, not this past Saturday, the one before that I was in the hospital. Well yesterday... I got to spend the day there again. So in the span of 8 days I was in the hospital Twice. I was just starting to feel better from my last fiasco and just like that I was back in the hospital. I really don't want to get into details as to what causes these visits. All I will say is that I would not wish this upon ANYONE, no even my worst enemies. I felt like you guys should know why I disappear randomly. I know you guys will understand and as usual be totally awesome about everything, because after all, my health really does come first. And the sooner I am healthy, the sooner I can get back into my rhythm, not just in blogging, but life in general.
  So now that you guys are all caught up, how about a quick swatch of one of my new favorite layering combinations?
  So this is Rockstar Nails Punk Rock Barbie over Color Club's Into the Limelight. PRB is a great mix of Black and White hexes, bars and squares accented by larger Pink squares suspended in a clear base. LOOOOOVEE this so hard! One of the best things about this polish is how easy it was to work with. I did Two "coats" there was some dabbing used to place some of the pieces. The base color is probably one of my new favorites shades ever. I will go on about the Color Club shade when I review the Color Club Fall 2012 Collection.
 I will also go onto say that this was actually the mani that I was rocking the last Saturday I spent in the hospital and one of the nurses LOVED it. She actually thought they were decals :D. I just LOVE how all the colors pop against my vivid Periwinkle Blue base. They really did look almost fake.

 I'm off to get some more rest now. I want you guys to know that I truly do miss blogging when I am not around. I almost get separation anxiety from my blog (creepy, right?). Point being that every time I have to take an unplanned, unannounced break, I feel terrible! But, I know, I know, health comes first.

Miss you guys so much!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LTHP Quickies! Milani Pressed Powder Shadows for 2012

Morning loves and happy humpday! 

  Today I have another installment of my quickie posts. This time I will be featuring Milani's new Pressed Powder Shadows. I received 11 shades for review and I am a HUGE fan of each and every one. I've shown you guys some looks I did with the Neutral tones from these shadows. I love working with these, they have a great texture and color payoff.
To see some close up shots and quick swatches just continue reading!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wHet Nail Polish in Wanderlust and Megalomaniac

Hello hello!! 

  Sorry I've been a bit absent these past few days. My health has not been cooperating and I've been pretty out of it. This week will be a slow one here at LTHP because working up the energy to type up a post seems just as daunting as a Three-mile run right now. That being said, I do have Two swatches to show you today from a new-to-me company: wHet Nails. 

wHet Nails Wanderlust
This is Wanderlust. A deep Midnight Blue shimmer. This color has a great formula. I find that shades like this one tend to have rather thick formulas that can be a bit goopy. This is a beautiful shade but I can't help but feeling like I've seen it before. Wanderlust has a nice- flowing formula and does well in Two coats.

wHet Nails Megalomaniac
 Megalomaniac is one of those popular Fuchsia shimmery bases with intense Violet shimmer. I can't place my finger on it but for some reason this color seems dated. On the plus side, it has a great formula and it could have done with just one coat, I did Two.

  wHet Nail Polish can be found on their Website and retail for $15. In my honest opinion, that seems pretty steep. Their color range is extremely limited(11 shades).  According to the site these are all limited edition colors. I have countless, far more economical, dupes for both of these colors I showed today. For $15 I expect a bit more uniqueness and range from a brand.


(**Whet products provided for honest review**)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Friday Swatches with Essence!

Happy Friday!!! 

  Today I have some quick swatches Three new Essence releases. You guys may have noticed that Essence's Colour & Go line just went though a little re-vamping. The bottles were re- designed to hold more product, the brushes were slightly rounded off, but remain flat and quite a few new colors were added to the line. I was a fan before and I am a fan still. I've still not made a trip to my Ulta to see if they have the new line available yet. I'm sure they have them and I can't wait to see some more of the new shades. 
 To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.