Friday, October 19, 2012

365 Days of Color! Hocus Pocus Collection Swatches

Good evening!!! 

  This time around I have a Halloween collection that was released by indie brand 365 Days of Color. This was the very first Halloween Collection to make it into my hands this year. Sadly the surgery and all that non-sense happened shortly after I received these babies and I didn't have a chance to swatch them until recently. I.Feel.Terrible about that. Sunny mentioned that she would be re-stocking this collection on her shop today so thank goodness that they are still available! 
  This collection was inspired by the Halloween cult classic movie, Hocus Pocus. I remember seeing it only once as a little child and it scared the crapola out of me because I was way too young.. Also.. I didn't speak English at the time so I had no idea what was going on lol! Each color is inspired by an aspect of the movie, which I totally need to get on watching now that I am an English speaking adult lolol! 

365 Days of Color I Smell... Children over Pixi Amazing Amethyst
I Smell... Children is a Blackened base full of deep Purple sparkle and smalled Purple hexes. I am fairly certain this color could reach opacity on its own. However! I really wanted the Purple to show through so I decided to layer it over a vivid Purple base to get this amazing, glowing finish on my nails. I did Two coats of I Smell... Children over Pixi Amazing Amethyst. 

365 Days of Color Boouk! over Barielle Greenwhich Village
 Boouk! was my instant favorite from this collection. This pretty polish is made up of Chocolate hexes, Copper hexes and square Golden glitter accents in a shimmery, light Taupey base. For this look I layered it over a Pinky nude from barielle and then did Two coats of Boouk! This is a beautiful glitter and also perfect for Fall.

365 Days of Color Black Flame Candle
  Black Flame Candle is a sheer shimmery Black. This might actually do better layered over an opaque Black creme. What you see here is Four coats of Black Flame Candle. It is a really beautiful shade of shimmery Black. The shimmer seems to shift from Pink to Violet to Teal. Formula-wise it is sheer but buildable, next time I will definitely layer it so it lasts longer.

365 Days of Color Come Little Children over Barielle One Shade of Gray
 Come Little Children is a mix of small Red and Black hex glitters suspended in a clear base. The density of the glitter makes it a perfect layering polish. I am absolutely in lurrrrve with this combination of the Gray base with the Black and red touches.

365 Days of Color I Put a Spell on You over OPI A Rose from the Dead
 I Put a Spell on You is another perfect layering glitter polish. This pretty is made up Emerald Green hexes in varying sizes and small touches of Black glitter. LOOOOOVE it over this Pink base. It's an unexpected combination but it works so well!

  And there you have 365 Days of Color Hocus Pocus inspired Collection for Halloween 2012! Don't forget to check 365 Days of Color Shop to get your favorites! Hurry before they are all gone.

 Which are your faves? Mine are Boouk!, I put a Spell on You  and I smell... Children.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2012! Day Five: Blue Nails

Thursday already?! Yay for that! 

  Today Miss Sam, Miss Rie and myself are taking on the Fifth prompt in the 31 Day Challenge. Today's task is Blue nails. I won't ramble too much today. Yesterday was one of those days that really try your patience... My camera even decided that it didn't want to work for like an hour for no reason at all.. it was strange. I was pretty tired I really did not know what direction I wanted to take this look in so I finally pulled out my "glequins"( as so dubbed by Miss Sam herself) and did a simple, but pretty Blue look. 
 The base color is Glitter Daze in My White Lighter. This is a most beautiful pale Blue creamy/shimmery base packed full of micro Aqua shimmer and smaller Aqua colored Hexes. I managed to build up the color to full opacity at Three coats and the formula is really good. MWL dries a little gritty and dull but a good top coat will take care of that and bring out the beautiful sparkle. There is one more neat thing about this polish... It GLOWS in the dark. I did some glequin accents in a light Blue color to play off of the smaller glitter in the polish itself. 

 Isn't My White Lighter just angelic?! This polish is part of Etsy Shop Glitter Daze's A Charmed Halloween Collection. 

 Now here is a crappy shot of what it looks like in the dark. It is insanely glowy and awesome. You don't even have to be in full darkness to see the base glowing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped into the dark, I kept waving my hands around like a raver lolol.  
 And there you have my Blue nails for day Five. I wonder what Sam and Rie are up to today! Don't forget to stop by my challenge partners Rie and Sam's to see their Blue looks for day Five! 

  Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink Wednesday!! O.P.I Pink of Hearts Set for 2012

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I am finally showing you guys the adorable set that O.P.I released this month for Breast Cancer Awareness 2012, Pink of Hearts 2012. This BCA tag team includes a new glitter by O.P.I and an O.P.I classic that pair up perfectly to create one fierce Breast Cancer Awareness manicure. O.P.I has donated over 25,000 to the Susan G. Komen foundation in connection with the Pink of Hearts program.  It is always great to see a brand be connected with the issues, and do their part to help out.

O.P.I You Glitter Be Good to Me over O.P.I I Think in Pink
 You Glitter be Good to Me is a brand new glitter by O.P.I created for this Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. I was not expecting to love it as much as I do. You Glitter be Good to Me is made up of small Piggy Pink glitters with Magenta hex glitter accents. I'm fairly sure that this glitterbomb could be worn alone but I love how it looks layered, as you can see the textures of the glitter better this way. YGBGTM is very easy to work with. I had no issues getting a nice spread of glitter and an even balance of hexes on the nail. Bottom line? I LOVE this combination. These Two polishes were made for each other!

O.P.I I Think in Pink
 I Think in Pink is an O.P.I classic. This soft, squishy Pink is a dream come tru for me. I am a sucker for "Breast Cancer Pink". You guys know what I mean right? It is such a distinct shade of Pink. Anywho, this is a warm, light Bubblegum Pink "crelly" (as dubbed by Jen). The perfect middle ground between a creme and a jelly. The formula on this color does require a light hand to avoid streaks and bald patches. It is not a troublesome formula, not sticky, not thin, not thick, it actually flows nicely, just takes a patient hand. I used Three thin coats for the swatch you see above. This shade was also a big surprise and a hit for me because I am a sucker for anything slightly jelly and I have no other Pink like this one.

 And because I have a problem... Every polish that is even remotely jelly-like in nature gets the sammich treatment from me.. So naturally, after I did my layering I just had to see if ITIP was "thin" enough to do a sammich with... Surprise! It is, maybe a little too dense for the technique but it still created such a cute effect! So this is a base of I think in Pink with a coat of You Glitter be Good to me followed by one more THIN coat of I think in Pink.
   I am so glad to have these pretties as a part of my BCA arsenal, which grows every year. Let's save the TaTa's girls!! I will always be happy to see O.P.I, an the many other beauty brands that take part in BCA, do so every October. Cosmetics with a purpose are always welcome, and embraced, in the LTHP household!

What are your thoughts on this adorable set?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LTHP Social! Let's Talk Beauty Mixer and Panel

OMG took me long enough lol!!!

  I can't believe it has taken me this long to post about this awesome event I had the pleasure of attending and being a part of back in July. This mixer took place at The Mezz in Downtown Orlando, Florida and was put together by Bluprint Style PR. At this event local women had the chance to come and mingle, get introduced to local beauty brands, have a few drinks and have an all around good time.
  At the Let's Talk Beauty Event I also had the opportunity to be a part of my very first panel. I got to sit alongside some very talented and influential ladies. To be even considered as being in the same league as them is an honor! All the pictures below are courtesy of the BluPrint Style PR Facebook Page.
 This was such a fun event. There were tons of giveaways and it was just an excellent opportunity to network with local industry-folk.

 Below are some pictures of the fun!

 The panel was made up of Safia of Lipstick Mixtapes, A local hairdresser from Trend Studios: Orlando, Su of Chronicle Stones (HELLO Nail Veils!), Maria of Cult Nails, Courtney of and myself.
Su, Maria and Courtney
   Below is Safia, who always rocks some fierce fashion, make up and hair. Safia is fierceness in a little package and I just love her to bits. She emphasized the importance of wearing colors! Colors and more colors! I could not have agreed with her more.

 Below is  Miss Su of Chronicle Stones. She really emphasized on the importance of Branding Yourself. You guys really need to check her work out. Her jewelry is amazing and she also has created a line of re-usable nail accessories made of semi-precious metals called Nail Veils. I will be posting about these babies soon!

  This panel was really about how brands and bloggers have come together now days to reach the consumer on a different level.

 Below is me having a mini panic attack lol. IDK what it is about microphones that makes me so nervous. This was also my first time being part of a panel.

 The lovely Courtney of had some great tips about SEO and indie make up companies.

 The fierce Maria of Cult Nails spoke of the beginnings of her brand and her expectations for Cult Nails in the future. Maria always looks like such a movie star!

 Me tee hees! I mainly spoke about how I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging lolol. Well that and how bloggers really play a bit part in hyping up products, especially in the cases of indie brands.

 Miss Courtney

 The venue was SO amazing for this mixer. We had pretty views of DT Orlando and mood lighting. The venue has a very artsy feel in general. It was beautiful. They also had set up tables where you could shop Cult Nails polishes and Lipstick Mixtapes Lip color.

  Quite a few of lovely ladies from the Beauty Bloggers or Central Florida came out to show their support an mingle as well. Below is Miss Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity, Courtney and myself.
  This was really a fun event and I wanna thank the people of BluPrint Style PR for organizing this event to bring the Brands, the bloggers and the local "beauty minded" together. I can't believe I got to be in a panel alongside some women who I seriously admire. 
 This is a very exciting time to be a beauty blogger in the Central Florida region. Now we have The Makeup Show making it's debut in Orlando in November and who knows what will come of that. I am VERY excited to say the least. November can't come soon enough!

  Good nite and happy Tuesday!