Sunday, February 3, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks 2013: Reds and Oranges

Good evening and happy Sunday!! 

  Today I have another instalment of my quickies series. Today I want to show you guys some quick swatches of Milani's New Red and Oranges lippies of the new Color Statement line. Last year I fell in love with Milani lip products after trying the shades in the Color Perfect Line. I was pretty much floored when I found out that Milani was releasing 30 new lipsticks in revamped packaging. For this quickie post I am sharing the new Red and Oranges family.
  The new packaging is a sleek, shiny Gold tube. At the very bottom it has a clear cap filled with the actual color of lipstick in the tube. The lipsticks are a standard round shape, and have a great angled tip for perfect and easy application. The shot above is with flash and the one below is without. My camera has a hard time with Red and Orange shades.
  These lipsticks have a really nice  (to me) scent. I am one of those girls who is very sensitive to smells and these did not bother me. They smell like Watermelon candies. The scent does not linger.

 Now for some quick arm swatches. And yes, I do plan to have lip swatches of these soon :D! I have finally overcome my fear of Lip color!
Sweet Nectar: A beautifully bright, tangerine Orange Creme lipstick. This shade is very bright, pigmented and smooth. 
Orange-Gina: A warm metallic Orange shade. The base is a wearble, light Orange laced with Golden metallic shimmer. 
Cherry Crave: A warm, light metallic Red laced with metallic Gold shimmer. This shade is really flattering.
High Voltage: A "vinyl" finish Orange-toned Red. This shade is very bright and daring. I really enjoyed the shine on this. 
Red Label: This shade is making a return from last years lip color line. This shade is a nice balanced Red creme.
Best Red: This is a classic shade of Matte Red. Just a pinch darker than Red Label and not as shiny.
Ruby Valentine: This is another "'vinyl" finish. This shade is a nice, dark, Blue-based Red with very intense Shine. 

  Milani has my heart when it comes to drugstore brands, and makeup in general. I cannot get enough of their fantastic lipstick formulas. I've never used a "high- end" lipstick, but I really don't see a need to do so... Why? When brands like Milani consistently put out amazing products at great prices. Milani's lip colors always have fantastic application and wear. I have to say this group has to be a Red lip lovers dream! And that I have become :D. These should already be popping up at CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Along with the rest of the color families

 Along with new lip colors Milani also released new lip liners! I've yet to master using lip liners, these have made learning a breeze though! 
  These liners have a really creamy, smooth and pigmented formula. There was absolutely no dragging and there is no effort required to create perfect, clean lines.

 Quickie swatches, these are both creme in finish.
 I am so excited to see the rest of the color families! ANDDD did you  see the new eye liners Milani is coming out with?! They look SO amazing!! Are you a red-lip-lover? Do any of these shades jump out at you?

(**MIlani products provided for my consideration**)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Indie Mania!! Sindie POP! Lacquer- Holiday 2012 Collection

Hello and happy Friday!! 

  Today I have swatches of some beautiful polishes by indie brand Sindie Pop! When Jessica contacted me about reviewing some of her babies I jumped at the chance. I had been seeing so many of her creations and lusting after them pretty hard. There is something very playful and fun about Sindie Pop lacquers, and I just love them!
To see closeup photos of these pretties just continue reading ♥.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

@LCNUSA Blossom Sorbet Collection- Spring Nail Art Look

Good morning and happy Thursday! 

  A few weeks ago I received this, extremely adorable, Spring nail polish set by LCN. This cute little collection of Four is called Blossom Sorbet.  The Blossom Sorbet set is made of Four adorable pastel shades, right on trend for Spring 2013. The second I unpacked these cuties I knew I HAD to do something fun with them. 
 The formula on these polishes was great and easy to work with. I really enjoyed the creamy texture and  perfect pigmentation of these polishes. Oh! They also have a really nice, fluffy brush that fans out perfectly for flawless application. 
 This look started with a base of Soft Daisy. From index to pinkie for the moons: I Love Mint, Vintage Rose and Lilac Blossom. I then went back and added little dot accents above the moons in Soft Daisy. I gave the dots a minute to set and then went back with a very small dotting tool and dotted the centers with corresponding colors.
 For the stripes I used a long, fine striping brush and patience. I'm pretty proud of my stripes. I had never really attempted this technique. I found it surprisingly simple to do, as long as you are not in a rush. I topped my stripes off with INM Northern Lights to hide the little imperfections. After giving my dots some time to dry I topped all my nails off with some Seche Vite and called it a night :D.
  I must say that I absolutely LOVE these shades. They are just adorable and they compliment each other so well. I love when I look at polishes and I actually feel inspired by the colors alone. The Blossom Sorbet set did just that.

 Here is a swatch of my base color, Soft Daisy. This pretty pastel Yellow has the most subtle shimmer that makes the formula a dream to work with. Soft Daisy has a very smooth, even and just plain awesome formula. I used Three coats for my swatch.
 I'm loving the Spring pastels! I had so much fun with this adorable little set. LCN is pretty new to me but so far I am a happy camper!! I hope they keep this up!

**EDIT**- Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this look**
 What are your thoughts on this look? Are you liking the Spring pastels?

(**LCN products provided for my consideration**)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cirque Objet d'Art Collection Swatches: Part Two

Good morning and happy humpday!! 

  A total quick, random note: I've decided to take a hint from miss Sarah of Chalkboard Nails and created a dedictaed page for Press Releases and general beauty news. You can visit by clicking [HERE]. I have also created a tab at the top of this blog: "Press Releases" clicking on this tab will re-direct you to the press release page :D. This way those of you  interested in what is coming out don't miss out on the news. And those of you who are not don't have to worry about news cluttering up the pretty nail colors and art ♥. LTHP Press Releases is set up as a "blog" so you can subscribe as you would this one if you are interested in press releases and general beauty industry news. 

  SOO!!! Today I am sharing my swatches of the Second half of the Objet d'Art Collection by Cirque. You can see swatches of the first half of the collection [HERE]. I am so in love with every single polish in this portion I am sharing today. There is something about Cirque nail polishes that is just so classy, yet different and just plain beautiful.
 To see closeup swatches of these beauties just continue reading ♥.