Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hard Candy- Candy Sprinkles Skittle Nails

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Good afternoon! 

  Today I have a sweet skittle mani I did using some of my new Hard Candy nail polish shades. These are all from the Candy Sprinkles collection. As you can see, these cuties are heavily inspired by the "glitter sammich" concept. This group is made up of Nine creamy-glitter polishes. Today I am sharing a cute skittle mani with Five of these pretties. 
From thumb to Pinkie:
Gummy Green: A creamy-jelly, muted Mint-colored base, with Silver and Black small hexagonal glitter. This particular shade had one of the better formulas. I used Three thin coats for full coverage and to get a really good "mint-chip ice cream" effect going on.
Pixie Pink: A creamy-jelly, light milky Blue-Based Pink. The small hexagonal glitters in this one are Teal, Silver and Pink. I used Three thin coats. The formula on this shade was nice and easy to work with.
Sweet Tooth: A jelly, almost White pink packed with Blue, Pink and Silver glitter. This was the most sheer of all the colors I tried. I used Three decent coats but the formula was great and easy to work with.
Jelly Bean Blue: A creamy base, Powdery Blue packed with Blue and Black glitter. I found the  formula on this shade to be patchy and a little problematic. A light and patient hand is key with shades like this one. I used Three coats.
Sugar Rush: A white creamy base packed full of Black and Silver glitter. I had the same formula issues with this shade as I did with Jelly Bean Blue. Three coats as well.
 Below are some macros of these yummy looking polishes.
 Even though the formulas are kind of.. all over the place... I really am not bothered by that and really ended up loving these polishes. I'm glad that an affordable polish line came out with these "speckled/ sprinkled" polishes. These all seemed to even out well at Three coats and they all wore really well. I think I had these on for about Four days, no chips, no shirnkage. Before application it is best to give these polishes a good shake, they like to settle a bit. These babies to require a good top coat to bring out the shine and smooth the surface. I used Two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat and I had absolutely ZERO shrinkage (YAYAYAYAY Praise the polish gods).

Have you tried any of these new Hard Candy polishes? They are available at Wal-Mart and Online as well. For the price, these are adorable little polishes and I really love what hard Candy did with the glitter-sammich looks. I like all of these quite a lot ♥. 

Any faves?

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Milani Textured Nail Polish in Shady Gray

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Happy Friday!! 

 Today I have the One shade I did not get to show you guys when I did my Milani Textured Skittles Post. That pretty was Shady Gray. Way back, when LTHP was a baby blog, I was OBSESSED with Grey nail polish. I would pretty much gravitate toward Grey tones any time I was doing an "on the go" mani. Along the way I started loving on bright tones and kinda drifted away from wearing Greys.
  Then last week, I was doing a super rushed mani, and I decided to use Shady Gray because I knew it would go on quickly and look neat. I could not stop staring at my nails and was immediately reminded of my past love affair with Grey nail polish. I loved how sexy and cool my nails looked. There is something about Grey polish that gives me that "cool without trying too hard" feeling. Do you have a shade that does that for you?
 Shady Gray has an amazing formula and that neat concrete-like texture. This picture was taken the day after application. I did Two coats for my manicure and was satisfied with the opacity at that point. Though looking at pictures now some nails could have benefited from a Third thin coat. Alas, I stopped at two coats and called it a day. My nails were dry fairly quick and once again I found the wear on this textured polish to be remarkable.
  I am still not bothered by the texture at all. They are far smoother than I ever thought they would be and I've had zero snagging on clothes, sheets, hair, etc... I am enjoying these textured polishes a lot and I love that the have such amazing wear. For some reason I was expecting all these textured polishes to chip easily.

 I have so many more textured polishes coming your way! I also want to do a massive comp post since so many of you lovelies have requested the different collections be compared to each other.

Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LTHP heads to VampyVarnish.com Today!

Hi loves!! 

  Today I head back to lovely Kelly's Blog to show you how to achieve this look with all Cult Nails products. Here is a little tease, to see the full look head on over to vampyvarnish.com!
 Want to find out how to do this look? Head over to www.vampyvarnish.com to find out how!! 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Indie Spammy- Spam!!

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Good afternoon my darlings! 

  Look at me getting a post up!!! I hope you guys have missed me as I have missed you. A few days ago I asked you guys on Facebook if you were interested in seeing some indie spam and the answer was a big 'ol Yes. SO spam you I shall.

Lac Attack Hogwarts over OCC Power Plant 
  Hogwarts is an awesome mix of small Blue, Silver, Orange and Green glitters suspended in a clear base. I love the unique blend of colors and the pretty, sparkling effect it creates when layered.

Colores de Carol Hero in Disguise 
 Hero in Disguise is a muted Grey jelly with very subtle Blue-Violet shimmer accented by Marigold and Coral hex particles as well as Black stars. This is a really cute polish, and I loved wearing it, But it was not the easiest to work with, and I had to do quite a lot of fishing to get the glitter pieces on the nail. I used Three coats for my mani.  

R. Hobby Cosmetics Holo Berry over SindiePOP White Gold 
  Holo-Berry is a blend of small Raspberry and Black glitter suspended in a clear base.

Twee & Honey Glittertits over Picture Polish Kryptonite
  Glittertits (LOLOLOLOL) is a mix of chunky Silver holo hexes and smaller Silver holo particles suspended in a clear base. This is a fantastic topper for just about any shade.

KBShimmer Where my Peeps At?
 Where my Peeps At? is an adorable, soft Yellow jelly with small Pink, yellow and green glitter accented by Circle glitters in Gold, Green, red and Pink. This polish is just TOO CUTE!!! I am really liking the Circle glitters, they add something new and unexpected.

  I am still working on getting better on my end. I have not been extremely well, but I am staying as positive as possible. I have many beauties to play with and I am really wanting to feel better so I can dive back into my stash. Truth is I can no longer downplay how unwell I've been feeling. I had been working really hard at "mind over matter" but lately my body is winning. On a positive note, I am keeping track of my ideas in a notebook and when I feel well again there will be SO much awesome happening!!!

 Do you adore any of these?