Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mani Spam

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Good evening my darlings!! 

  Today I have some random mani-spam for you guys. I also have a teeny bit of "news" today. If you follow LTHP on Facebook, you may have already seen this update, but I wanted to post it on the blog too. 
 Muffin's passing was a very hard, sad and almost traumatic experience for me, she was such a big part of our home, and this blog. I was heartbroken to have to bring "Muffin Mondays" to a close in such a sad manner. But that said, I knew that I had to keep the tradition of polish-picking kitties going on the blog. SO, starting tomorrow a new weekly feature will begin with Truffle picking up where Miss Muffin left off. Every week, on Tuesdays, Little Truffle will be picking me a polish to work with. Truffle Tuesdays are a-comin'! After all... my blog tag line does promise Nails, makeup and CATS!!!  
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 To see closeups of all these pretties, just continue reading after the jump. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Because Matching your Nails to your Black Milk Leggings is a Thing Now

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Hello darlings and happy Wednesday! 

  It is a dark, Grey and gloomy day here in (what is supposed to be) Sunny Florida. I don't know about you guys, but bad weather makes me a sad panda. I get so lazy, slow and just plain out of it. I know I can't be the only one lol. Anywho, if you follow me on Instagram (@L_T_H_P), you know of my obsession with all things Black Milk Clothing. I am simply addicted to the shiny nylon goodness. Everything they make is so unique, fun and colorful. 
Mermaid Leg and Nails photo DSCN6224_zps0ab9933f.jpg
  I own about Seven pieces from Black Milk Clothing. Two of my favorites are my mermaid legs. I own them in Purple and Silver holo. I seriously want everything in this fabric, in all colors. I am so obsessed with anything mermaids. The "scales" are craaazy holographic. It was very hard to capture in my photos. Every time I wear my Black Milk pieces I always get so many compliments. I just adore their clothing to pieces. 
  So I really wanted to match my nails to my Silver mermaid legs, because you know, that is entirely a thing. 
BM Mermaid Nails photo DSCN6259_zpsa0ee6929.jpg
 I had to take this pic in weird lighting to get the holo to come out, the Sun was long gone at this pont. SO, for my mermaid nails I started with a base of China Glaze's Cosmic Dust from the Hologram collection. This is a lovely shade of light Gunmetal grey holographic awesomeness. For my mermaid scales stamp I used Red Angel stamping plate RA-111 and Konad Black special polish. I topped off my nails with some Seche Vite and called it a day. They were a perfect match to my fierce leggings. 
Long view Mermaid legs and nails photo DSCN6236_zps3150f504.jpg
  Here is a shot of my base color Cosmic Dust. This holo has a nice-ish formula. As it applies it looks a bit frosty and streaky, but as it dries the streaks and frost disappear and turn into holographic awesomeness. I used Three thin coats to achieve evenness and full opacity. In the photo below I had not top coated my nails yet. When added a top coat, it did mute the holo finish just a bit. Sorry about my weird-looking skin here, I had a hard time capturing the holo effect properly. 
China Glaze Cosmic Dust photo DSCN6189_zps263dd71a.jpg

Do any of you guys own any Black Milk clothing pieces? They are seriously amazing. Oh and for shiggles, here is a pic my husband took of me last time I wore my Silver mermaid legs. I had the huge honor and fangirl moment of having Black Milk share this photo on their Facebook fanpage. That same day they had also shared one of my photos on their Instagram as well. It was so surreal having my favorite clothing line share my photos with their fans!
 Oh and for the record, there was no photoshopping done to this photo. This photo is a cellphone pic. I am naturally slim and will not make any apologies for it. People called me anorexic, a bad role model because I'm "too thin" blah blah blah.. WHATEVER. Us girls can't win.. We're too thin, we're too fat.. What is right then? Me, I'm happy with myself, I am happy with my body and I will flaunt it while I have it. My tattoo was done by tattoo artist Robbie Ludders of Sarasota, Florida. 
BM mermaid back photo 1044875_10201347073823003_1968279474_n_zpsefc14e16.jpg
Thank you so much for stopping by today my loves!! I'm off to see about doing an Independence Day mani. What is everyone wearing for the holiday?

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Scofflaw Summer Colors Swatches and Review

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Hello and happy Monday darlings! 

  Today I have a few swatches of a, new-to me, handmade nail polish line. I know Scofflaw has been around for sometime, and I had bee eyeing them with a vengeance haha. The only pretty I owned by this brand was in the form of a nail polish pendant of David Bowie's Bulge that was made for me by the lovely BeadsInk. So, when Finch got in touch with me about featuring her new Summer shades I jumped at the chance. 
scofflaw summer photo Scofflaw_zps98de3158.jpg
 All of these polishes are so complex, yet beautifully executed. I am so beyond impressed with her unique blends and beautiful use of shimmering bases. All four of these shades had fantastic formulations as well. All swatches are shown with a top coat. 

Scofflaw Little Edie in the Grey Gardens
Scofflaw Little Edie in the Grey Gardens photo DSCN5864_zps6edbb1cc.jpg
 First I have to talk about how much I love the name/ inspiration behind this color. For some time I was fairly fascinated by the story behind "Grey Gardens". Something about this polish really does capture the essence of Little Edie for me. Little Edie in the Grey Gardens is an ethereal blend of Pastel Yellow hexes, Coral hexes, Lavender squares and small Golden glitter all suspended in a very light, squishy Grey base. The kicker is the fantastic Yellowy-Green shimmer in the grey base. I love how delicate, yet unique and eye catching this blend is. I used Three easy coats of color for my swatch. 

Scofflaw Paranoid Android
Scofflaw Paranoid Android photo DSCN5854_zpsb727d7d1.jpg
So.Much.WIN!!! Paranoid Android is a chunky blend of Black, Red, Silver and *I think* Plum hexes suspended in a shimmery, squishy Sky Blue base. There are also some smaller Blue glitters that really add some serious twinkle to this pretty. I love, love the blend of colors here. The Red particles really bring this color to life for me. I used Three thin coats of color for my swatch. 

Scofflaw Wyld Stallyns
Scofflaw Wyld Stallyns photo DSCN5839_zps6b2e43fb.jpg
 Wyld Stallyns is a shimmering Red-toned Purple base accented with hot Pink squares and Plum hexes as well as small Golden twinkling glitter. I think I also picked out some Blue particles and larger Golden hexes. This shade had the "sheerest" formula of the bunch as the base is an actual shimmer and not a squishy creme. I used Three thin coats of color. 

Scofflaw Electric Salamander
Scofflaw Electric Salamander photo DSCN5809_zpscc213dbb.jpg
 Electric Salamander is an AMAAAAZING mix of Blue and Green hexes. There is a mix of Sparkling and matte glitters here that is just perfection. The base color is an interesting, shimmery White-Grey. I just love this color, the Blue hexes are perfect in this base color. The application on this shade is very good, I used Three coats of color. 

 Scofflaw is available from Shop Llarowe as well as Etsy. These babies were just released a few weeks ago. I am so seriously impressed with everything about this polishes. The only one I was not crazy about was Wyld Stallyns, but that is a personal preference thing. The other Three shades have completely won me over.

 I also want to take a quick second to thank the amazing Nikkie of Nikkietutorials on Youtube for mentioning LTHP on her June faves video. I'm still in shock and just so ecstatic and fangirly. I am a huge fan of Nikkie's work and her personality. She has accomplished so much at such a young age, makes me feel lazy haa! She has also lit a fire under my butt to finally write out a post on my nail care routine. Which I will certainly be doing soon. THANK YOU NIKKIE!!! It seriously means to world to me ♥.

Have you had a chance to try Scofflaw's creations yet? Which are your favorites? From the ones I just went over today, I cannot pick a fave. I am in love with them for different reasons. They are all just so unique and beautifully made. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pink-ish Wednesday! Ombre Fun with Inglot Colour Play Nail Polishes

(**Inglot Press Samples**)
Happy Humpday!!

 It's only been about an Eon since I've done a Pink Wednesday... So, here is a Pink Wednesday post ♥. A few weeks back I received the Inglot  Colour Play pastel range. These babies are perfect for ombre manis, they really take the guess work out of picking your shades. For this look, I also went back to my roots by doing some stamping. I used my Pueen Love Elements nail stamping plate set.
Inglot Ombre Stamped with Pueen photo DSCN5568_zps002535d4.jpg
 This look features Inglot Shades, from Thumb to Pinkie: 388, 387, 386, 385 and 384. For the stamping I used Konad Black Special polish and Pueen stamping plates Pueen 32 on my Middle and Ring finger and Thumb. For my Pinkie and Index nails I used Pueen 28. To finish my nails off I did a coat of Seche Vite followed by a light coat of IN Northern Lights. 

 Here are my base colors before stamping and top coating. 388 is a clean, light Lilac purple creme. 387 is an aweome Blue toned bubblegum Pink creme. 386 is a muted Violet- Mauve creme. 385 is a light Pink- toned Mauve creme. 384 is a beautiful muted Coral creme. All of these polishes have a slight flash of smooth complimenting shimmer. You can see the Golden shimmer in the bottle photo above. That said, the shimmer does not really translate to the nails, but it does aid in appication. All of these were really easy to apply and all did well in Three, thin and easy coats.  
Inglot Ombre photo DSCN5542_zps316d620a.jpg
 I miss stamping so much. But at the same time, I'm pretty excited because I have all of these awesome Pueen plates that I have not really gotten to play with yet. So I have those to look forward to :D. I have been terrible about keeping up with plates honestly, if you guys know of any sets I may have missed out on, or new brands, share them in the comments!! 

 So, I am LOOOVING these Inglot Colour Play range. I love them so much, they have even earned a spot on my wall racks. These are great for nail art of all kinds and I just love the formulas and beautiful shades.

Thanks for stopping by darlings!