Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Milani Bedazzled Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Mini Review

(**Press Samples**)
Haaay! Before I get into the makeup babble; I want to say THANKS! Thanks to everyone for the lovely comment on my post yesterday. You guys are too kind, and your words mean a lot to me.

And now, let's chat about the Milani Bedazzled Collection for Fall 2014. This was a limited release by Milani which consists of jewel-toned themed eye, lip and nail products. The official release was back in October, so I feel like a tool for posting these now... but.... PRETTY MAKEUP PICTURES YAY!

Milani Constellation Gel Liners 
Black Opal- super shimmery graphite gel liner.
Enchanted Lapis- rich, shimmering navy blue gel liner
Enchanted Emerald- deep forest green shimmering gel liner.

These suckers look beautiful in the pan. Once applied they are not quite as shimmery as they are in the pan. I've not had many chances to actually wear these. I will say I was a bit disappointed when my arm swatches would not "set". I was able to smudge these up pretty good after a good while of waiting to see if they would "dry".  So... I'm not sure how to feel about these. They are beautiful to look at... But I'm not sure how well they will work in their actual application.

Milani Lip Art Lipsticks
This release also included Three new matte lippie colors.
Enchanted Ruby- a most magnificent shade of deep, matte ruby red.
Enchanted Topaz- a wonderful balanced neutral matte shade. In my photo it comes off more peachy, IRL it was much more beige and neutral.

These feel amazing on the lips, even though they are mattes. Enchanted Ruby has quickly become my go-to color this Fall season.

Milani Color Statement Nail Polish in Enchanted Garnet- How stoked am I to have a beautiful nail color to match my birth stone?! This shade is a deep plummy-maroon with a rich micro shimmer which catches the light beautifully. This shade feels so luxurious, and looks amazing on every skin tone! Shown are two easy coats. 

I do sooo love the theme behind these. I've always been a sucker for rich, jewel-toned cosmetics. Were you able to snag any goodies from this release?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Radio Silence

 I just wanted to take a quick second to apologize for my lack of posting in these past few weeks. I've been having the most awful luck with my nails. It has been break nation up in here lately. I honestly can't really say why as I've not really changed anything in my nail care routine. The moment they start looking remotely decent, one goes and breaks.
 As a result of the constant breakage I have been so down and just "not feeling it". I've been aggravated and cranky and just plain uninspired. Basically, I am in a FUNK that has been quite challenging to kick. My nails have been "naked" (nothing but a base coat), for weeks and the saddest part is that not even looking at my mountain of polish inspires me at the moment. I just get... well... really sad... It makes me sad to look at my polish and feel nothing. But, it goes deeper than polish... I don't want to get into it, but basically my "demons" have spilled over into my blogging. I'm trying really hard to separate those two... I feel bad because I don't feel like polishing, which then makes me feel bad because I am so far behind which then makes me feel useless, pointless.... I feel like I need to be honest. It is not all sunshine and rainbows as much as I'd like to believe that some times.

  I miss interacting with you guys, but for now I need to focus on myself. I need to get my head straight. I hope to feel well again soon so I can get back to posting and creating.

Monday, November 3, 2014

LTHP Quickies! Cirque Colors NYFW Stamped Look

(**Press Sample**)
Monday, and November, already?! While I was cleaning out some folders I stumbled upon this quick look I did using Cirque Colors NYFW. The stamp was done with a Pueen stamping plate and Konad white special polish. The plate was Pueen 24.

 This look was finished off by a coat of Seche Vite followed by a coat of Twee & Honey This is Mateness. 

Thanks for coming by today!